Move Into Ease

Move Into Ease

Reclaim calm, awaken connection, and spark lasting change with microdoses of movement and breathing. Harness the power of active rest to transform your relationship with stress. Experience curated, evidence-informed practices distilled into 8 high-quality, on-demand videos and 2 (bonus!) audios.

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Move Into Ease
  • Nervous System Reset

    Give your brain and body a small yet powerful reset with this chair-based practice.

  • Happy Feet & Knees

    Supine joint-mobility and nerve-gliding practices soothe the feet, ankles, knees, and legs (7 min).

  • Open Hips & Shoulders

    Supine joint-freeing exercises and gentle yoga soothe the hips, pelvis, sacrum, back, ribcage, shoulders, and chest (6 min).

  • Wrist & Back Care

    Seated joint-mobility practices and gentle yoga soothe the hands, wrists, elbows, arms, side body, ribcage, and mid-back (6 min).

  • Heart & Back-Body Love

    Standing heart openers and forward folds soothe the chest, shoulders, legs, and whole back body (6 min).

  • Spine & Side-Body Stretch

    Standing gentle twists and side-body movements soothe the torso, ribcage, back, chest, and shoulders (6 min).

  • Core & Back Restore

    Kneeling gentle yoga activates the core to release tension and support healthy mobility in the back (5 min).

  • Neck & Shoulder Soother

    Release stress and tension in your shoulders, neck, and nervous system with this 5-minute, seated micropractice.

  • Bonus Audio: Soft & Slow Moment

    Step out of the speed and rhythm of your day. Ease into this 5-minute audio breathing meditation to soothe the nervous system, cultivate peace of mind, and release tension in the body.

  • Bonus Audio: Reclaim Calm & Clarity

    Ease into the 4-7-8 breathing practice. Reclaim clarity and focus during the day. Invite calm, restful sleep at night. Return to this 4-minute guided audio at least twice a day, and notice relaxation wash over you.